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We are excited to share our redevelopment plans for 150-160 Cactus Avenue! 

Project Update

We recently reached a settlement with the City of Toronto for the development application. While the application has been settled, there is still substantial work that needs to be completed to finalize the approval. The Site Plan Application is still in process with the City and has not yet been approved.

The Project

The proposed development consists of two mid-rise residential buildings of 12 and 15 storeys, and two townhouse blocks of 4 storeys. 


The proposed development has a residential Gross Floor Area (GFA) of approximately 34,482 SM. 

The redevelopment presents an opportunity to provide attainable housing, enhance the public realm, improve connections, and deliver modern amenities and a new 1,425 SM community park.

To learn more, you can now view our complete development application here.

The Plan

Screen Shot 2021-10-25 at 3.25.31 PM.png

Project Highlights

Baking Cookies

A mix of rental and condo residential units

Staying Fit

Modern amenities for all residents to enjoy

Solar Heating Buildings

More sustainable and energy efficient buildings

Aerial View of Playground

New community park

Image by Sergey Lapunin

Enhanced public realm

Image by Markus Spiske

A more connected community

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